The team

President - Founder

Patrick Rake

President of the SKYSPA Group and leader of a team that is passionate about well-being, Patrick is an entrepreneur-dreamer, with a human warmth that can ignite a whole team. Attentive and resilient, Patrick's strength lies in his convictions and the respect he radiates.

Professional experience

Since 1995, Patrick has been thinking about innovative concepts in the field of spas and started his own Nordic spa project in the Eastern Townships, the Spa Nordic Station. As soon as he arrived in the industry as an entrepreneur, he became actively involved in promoting the interests and recognition of this emerging industry by becoming a member and then president of the board of directors of the Groupe Spas Relais Santé, which at the time consisted of some twenty spas in Quebec. He then became co-founder and member of the board of directors of the Association Québécoise des Spas, which currently includes some fifty spas. He also participates regularly in ISPA, the International Spa Association, a resource for businesses in over 70 countries.

Chief Operating Officer

Alain Nolet, CPA, CA

With his calm attitude and unshakeable pragmatism, Alain plays a key role within the Group; he oversees the team's dynamics and the Group's financial performance.  A true prankster, and a little bit of a joker, Alain hides under his serious air a warm laugh (like his voice) and a tender heart. 

Professional experience

Before joining the SKYSPA group in January 2017, Alain worked at RCGT in restructuring and then played a key role at Coalision (Lolë, Paradox, formerly Orage) as Chief Financial Officer and Operations for some 20 years. In 2016, he partnered with the young entrepreneurs of Poches & Fils to support their growth.

Vice President Customer Experience

Sonia Gemme

As Vice President, Sonia ensures that the high standards of customer experience are maintained in the group's spas while guiding key employees and managers to develop their sensitivity to detail in all aspects.

Professional experience

Sonia stands out for her strength in operations and human resources management. Her extensive travels around the world have sharpened her critical sense of tourism and customer service, and especially her attention to detail when it comes to the customer experience. She was responsible for the design and decoration of the Nordic Station Spa site as well as the two SKYSPAs in Dix30 and Quebec City to improve the customer experience. With a keen eye and great sensitivity, nothing escapes her!

Jean-Francois Fortin

Director of Operations - Förena Cité thermale

Samia Amrane

Behind her serenity that soothes and comforts, Samia's warm smile gives energy and confidence to the whole team. She is a seasoned manager with a quiet strength and active listening skills: every problem has its solution and every project its action plan! 

Professional experience

Samia has been with SKYSPA Group since December 2016. She first worked as Operations Manager for SKYSPA DIX30 and then dedicated herself entirely to the FÖRENA Cité thermale project. Prior to SKYSPA, Samia had a rich experience in the hotel industry, first at the Place d'Armes boutique-hotel as customer service manager and then at the St. Martin boutique-hotel as reservations manager. In 2013 she joined the Hilton chain as Customer Service Manager, managing operations and employees as well as customer satisfaction.

General Manager - Spa Nordic Station

Anne Bouchard

Anne is a brilliant woman who has a heart on her sleeve; always ready to help her team, no matter what the hour. She is a meticulous manager who knows how to harmonize rigour and pleasure. 

Professional experience

Part of the Nordic Station Spa team since 2009, Anne has had the privilege of accompanying the evolution of the group and all its development projects since the beginning. She has covered almost every position at the spa, and was promoted to General Manager in 2016. She worked for two years as an aesthetician and as a professional makeup artist and sales specialist at Dior Canada.

Director of Operations, SKYSPA DIX30

Olivier Garneau

Olivier is our quiet force. Quiet and calm, he is a man of action who gets things done. Great listener, he's great at putting people at ease and has a great sense of humor, which has a rallying effect among the different teams. 

Professional experience

Olivier joined the Group SKYSPA in January 2022. He knows the industry quite well since he started his career as a Massage therapist, Kinesiologist and orthotherapist. Then, Olivier worked as a manager in the sports industry. It's then natural that his previous experiences are handy to manage the SKYSPA DIX30.

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