Message from the president

Our president

Patrick Rake

My adventure in the wellness industry started a while ago, it was something that was already deeply rooted in me and that I was passionate about. By traveling a lot, I had the chance to experience the rituals of thermotherapy from around the world and to immerse myself in them. When I came back to Quebec, I saw the potential that this well-being could bring into the life of Quebecers, I had all these ideas in my head, I wondered how I could share this knowledge of well-being and propagate it. 

And then one day, I decided to jump. I say " jump " because opening a spa for the first time in your life is a big adventure, and it's hard to know what to expect. Before being an entrepreneur, I am passionate about my business, I have always been concerned about being accessible, being human with my team and customers. Often, we tend to just think about the big machine behind the company we're building, and forget about the people who make it move forward. I wanted to do the opposite. As President, it's my responsibility to inspire the people around me, and to make them live my vision. It's not unrealistic to bring people together and get them as excited about your project as you are; when you create something together, it's magical, and you move things forward with the same convictions. I am the first ambassador of my spas, and I am proud to say that I am not the entrepreneur who stays in his office. Everything in life is a balance. You will probably find me several times a week in my facilities, leading an Aufguss ritual in the saunas, or enjoying the baths!   

Where the SKYSPA Group is today is because my team and I have worked hard, with sweat and tears, with little moments of anxiety at times, to finally arrive at a complete result with 4 fully operational branches. Being a leader takes courage, patience, respect, and above all; a dream team composed of passionate people like you. And the future looks promising, because there are still many development projects for SKYSPA Group!


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