What our employees have to say about their experience at group SKYSPA.


"I joined Nordic Station Spa two years ago and I am still very happy.  We are a small, close-knit team that constantly helps each other out. Humor and good vibes guaranteed."


"I started my training with my DIX30 supervisor and she did such a great job of welcoming me, it was super nice! I quickly noticed that my director and the other supervisors naturally help everyone. In fact everyone helps each other a lot!!!"


"I have been a yoga teacher for many years and have developed my art as a Master aufguss at FÖRENA and I am delighted with the experience I have and the one I offer to clients. We now offer different types of meditation and stretching sessions. Every day at FÖRENA is a real joy, enhanced by the pleasant interaction of clients and employees."


"I have been an employee for 15 years. We are like a little family. I like the atmosphere and the team so much that I jokingly told my manager that I would come to work even if I wasn't paid! But we respect each other too much to take me at face value!"


"Based at the head office, I have been part of the team for over 7 years. SKYSPA Group has evolved so much in so few years! In the beginning I worked at DIX30 and we were a very small, close-knit team. A few years ago we opened our head office which brings together finance, marketing and HR. We work so well together, and have so much fun. The support we give each other in good times and bad times is incredible!


"I really enjoy my job as a massage therapist. I am an employee and not many companies offer this status. I feel treated like a member of the family. I can fully concentrate on practicing my profession, and the level of client traffic provides me with well-filled hours."